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so the summer is almost gone and i feel like my heart is slowly being ripped out of my chest as i anticipate leaving naya on tuesday morning as i head back to work.

our summer has been fun-filled complete with a wonderful 4th of july bbq, 2 weddings, going to a yankee game, watching lots more on tv, disneyland, my bday, a visit from david's sister and her family, lots of walks and hikes, time with good friends, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!, a family reunion, wine-tasting, gardening and enjoying the sunshine. our 4-month-old has done more in the past few months than most people do by the time they are 30!

naya is growing beautifully. she had her most recent dr. appt. last week. she is 14.6 pounds which is double her birth weight and is 25 inches long. she is in the 75th percentile for both weight and height so she is just perfect. her dr. is smitten with her and thinks we should consider home-schooling cuz she's too darn cute for all those boys.

when my sis-in-law was here, naya rolled over from her tummy to her back ~ twice...but hasn't done it since! she absolutely hates tummy time and would much rather be on her back eating her feet.

she is extremely vocal and likes to sing along with mommy ~ especially when i'm feeding her which doesn't really work... so i've had to stop singing while nursing because she gets too distracted!

she loves loves loves to laugh ~ especially if you are laughing. she hears it and has to join in. she thinks everything is just so funny. especially my hand, for some reason. when i dangle it over her face and wiggle my fingers it is absolutely hysterical to her. who needs all these toys? my hand is hours of entertainment.

she has a favorite stuffed animal, 'addie', her lion from auntie dana. it's adorable and when i lay it on her tummy she curls her whole body around it for a complete body hug.

she has found her thumb and loves to suck it. she alternates between the left and right but uses primarily her left. it is wonderful that she is able to self-soothe.

she has been sleeping through the night for almost 3 months now (knock on wood). but she is still a night owl like mommy and daddy and doesn't go down til around 11pm but sleeps til anywhere between 6:30-8:30, eats, then goes back down for another hour and a half or so. no real set nap schedule yet because we are always bustling around but she is a happy girl, regardless.

she is still sleeping in our room in her large bassinett but that should be changing this week since she has almost outgrown it. we've been slowly trying to get her to nap in her crib to get her used to it and are starting to have success. it's a big transition and she looks so tiny in there! but it's time...

i am very grateful that david will be home with her in the mornings, then auntie mich will be with her for a few hours until i get home. it makes me feel so much better that she will be home and cared for by people who love her so much. it's the only thing that makes me feel a little better returning to work.

so that's a quick run-down of life with the pearsons. *sigh* i hear a chattering monkey in the next room so i better go see what that's all about

naya ann

so much to type!
but the basic facts are ~
naya ann pearson came into this world at 3:34 a.m. on wed. april 1st ~ no foolin' i joked and joked about her being a 'little shit' in utero all along (which she was) and the karma in that story is that as soon as i, yes I, grabbed her and lifted her onto my belly, she pooped all over me. take that, mom!
i did the entire thing naturally. no drugs, no epidural, not even a tylenol. 100% au naturale ~ don't ask me how. and the result was a labor that i was fully present and physically able to attack as i channeled my inner cave woman as well as naya coming out so completely awake and alert and immediately working her way up to breastfeed on her own. it was the most empowering and amazing moment of my life. david's too. he was so overjoyed that he sobbed uncontrollably as he got to be the one to announce 'it's a GIRL!'. i wasn't sure where to direct my attention ~ to my beautiful new daughter on my chest or to my sweet husband who was overwhelmed with relief, joy and pride. i am getting choked up again just typing about it. truly priceless.
auntie bear, auntie mich and auntie kat were all present for the blessed event, supporting and cheering me on when i truly ~ TRULY ~ started to give up on myself. like i said, my mouth started saying 'i can't anymore! i can't!' it was time to start pushing but my body proved that i most certainly COULD. it is still so incredibly surreal to me.

more details to follow on how the events of the day went ~ too much to only give a snippet. i want to do it justice!
but she weighed in at 7 pounds 3 oz and 20 1/8 inches long. she has a head FULL of hair, daddy's nose and gramma barb's chin. jury is still out on who's lips.
she is so completely awesome and very 'chill'. totally daddy's disposition which is quite the contrast from mommy's personality in utero ~ dancin', kickin' and never slowing down!
she already has quite the collection of expressions and coos and whimpers that just keep us captivated for hours.
*they* say that it's the most amazing kind of love you'll ever experience and *they* are right. david and i are both still in disbelief that we have a DAUGHTER and that she is perfect and that just by eating, sleeping and pooping she has stolen our hearts. i have always been a sucker for babies. i am madly in love with all of my nieces and nephews both immediate family and honorary alike, as i have watched most of them grow, literally, from the moment they were born. but there's just no way to put into words what it feels like to bring a life into this world and love it like you've never loved anything in your entire life.
and can i just tell you that i never thought i could love my husband more? sweet naya has got him wrapped around her little finger, like i knew she would, and i have never been more attracted to or appreciative of the man i married. not only is he being a wonderful daddy ~ on diaper and 4am cuddle duty ~ but he has been an incredible husband, taking care of EVERYTHING around the house, feeding me and making sure that i know i'm just as loved as the peanut.
i've said it before and i'll say it again. I. AM. SO. BLESSED.
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so here i am, first day of maternity leave, trying to wrap my brain around that concept and totally not knowing what to do with myself ~ and here's my daily-om for today. i love the universe.

March 18, 2009
In Line With Spirit
Staying On Track
In a world where we have routines for nearly everything—our route to work, our physical fitness regimen, and our weekday schedule—it’s amazing how many people forget to create a routine for meeting their spiritual needs. We run around in an attempt to be at our many appointments on time and meet our many obligations. In our efforts to be as productive as possible, however, our spiritual needs tend to take a backseat. After all, taking care of our spiritual needs doesn’t directly pay the bills or tone our abdominal muscles. We may even wonder who has time to meditate or write in their journal when there are more pressing matters to see to. The truth is that nurturing ourselves spiritually is what gives us the energy and grounding that we need to make sure that our lives stay on track.

How you choose to nurture yourself spiritually is a personal choice. For some people, meditating once a day may be what they need to stay centered. While spending 10-20 minutes with your eyes closed and your brain devoid of thought may seem like a lot of time doing nothing, this state of nothingness actually allows you to stay calm and focused so you can be as productive as possible. Writing in your journal everyday lets you stay in touch with yourself so that you are always tuned in to your feelings. Repeating affirmations for success, happiness, and well-being on a regular basis can help you live with optimism and enthusiasm and create what you want in life.

Having a routine for nurturing your spirit that you do each day lets you feed energy to your soul and can serve you well if your life suddenly takes an unexpected turn into a difficult period. This kind of routine grounds your spirit in your body so that you stay anchored in yourself as you move through each day. Nurturing yourself spiritually allows you to not only stay on track in your life, but it allows for your life to stay on track with what your spirit wants

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... stuff i need to get out of my head or my brain will explode
~ as of my dr. appt. today, i have gained 1 more pound putting total weight so far at a little over 10 pounds (!?)
~ the baby has 'dropped' down into the birth canal as of last night (boy, did i feel it!) and i am feeling the pressure like nobody's business which instantly gave me a 'waddle'
~ i am 50% effaced (cervix is 50% thinned) but no dilation yet. but small contractions here and there have definitely started doing their job thinning me out in preparation
~ i am totally frustrated with not being in control of my body (mainly my hands)
~ both my hands have severe carpal tunnel which is making every single thing in my life difficult including typing this with 2 wrist braces on and having to backspace every 2 seconds to fix typos
~ i am totally overwhelmed at work. report cards need to be finished but assessments need to be finished before that but there's no time to finish those cuz i also need to teach my kids as well as prep for my sub. i am SO GRATEFUL to have such an amazing partner and amazing aides. seriously would lose it (even more) without them
~ i brought home my zip drive tonight so i could work on report cards and i can't open the damn file so i have to find time to do it at work ! ha!

~ i am somehow magically supposed to finish the dance i started with my dance club kids by this or possibly next friday so that they will have it for the talent show and yet it is all i can do now to waddle to and fro...
~ i need to get the talent show program organized and make the cd with all the edits
~ my dr. is ready to take me off of work as soon as i say i'm ready but when i read the last 3 comments i just made, i start to cry thinking that i'll NEVER be able to take time off of work!
~ david and i go round and round with his concept of me just letting work go because the baby is in control, not me. but i struggle with this because i don't just have a retail or desk job that i can simply walk away from. my kinders are also my babies and the more organized i leave things for them, the easier time they will have while i'm gone and the easier it will be for me to come back to a somewhat maintained classroom. david is worried that i'm not taking care of myself enough but it's just not as easy as he thinks to 'let go'
~ i have to start 'thank you' notes ~ again ~ wrists ~ oy
~ general anxiety and fears about delivery and parenthood
~ SPECIFIC anxiety and fears about delivery and parenthood
~ i miss my mom every second of every day
there's more but my hands are shot
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timing is everything

It's January 16, 2009 — and you're in Week 31! Log In | Report a Birth

Welcome to today's edition of Heidi's Daily Delivery, the newsletter for members of WhatToExpect.com. For your customized tools, tips, and pregnancy-related articles, plus the chance to meet other moms-to-be just like you, visit the Pregnancy section of the site today!

Week 31: On Size and Shape
"I'm so small for eight months — I'm concerned the baby's not growing enough."
Women never change. If we're not eyeing the figure of the woman filling out the little bikini next to us at the beach (those can't be real!) or sneaking a peek at the woman in the next dressing room (where's her cellulite?), we're comparing pregnant bellies (hers is bigger and hers is higher!). But don't worry. Instead, start minding your own middle.

The fact is, you can't tell a baby by its cover. Whether a woman appears to carry small or large depends less on the bulk of her baby and more on her own bulk, shape, and bone structure. It can also have something to do with muscle tone: A woman with very tight muscles may not pop as soon or as much as a woman with slacker muscles, particularly one who's already had a baby or two. How her fetus is positioned may also affect how big or small an expectant mother looks. And, of course, there's weight gain: A bigger maternal weight gain doesn't necessarily yield a bigger baby, just a bigger mom.

The only assessments of a fetus's size that are worth paying attention to are medical ones. In evaluating how your baby's doing at each prenatal visit, your practitioner will measure the height of your fundus (top of the uterus) and palpate your abdomen to locate the fetus's body parts and estimate its size and position. Other tests, including ultrasound, may also be used to approximate size.

In other words, it's what's inside that counts — and apparently, what's inside your petite belly is a baby who's plenty big enough. Keep that in mind next time you sneak a peek at the belly-next-door.

To bellies of every shape and size,
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the biggest irony of my *effing* life

so i've only gained another 2 pounds.
this puts my total weight gain from my initial pregnancy weight to FOUR POUNDS.

here are all of the factors tho' ~
i was heavy to start. lots o' guinness and potatoes in ireland. certainly not in the best shape. however, my first visit they still told me 'ok, from here you should gain about 20-25 pounds'.

let the first trimester begin. so so so so so so so sooooo nauseous. i never actually threw up. i just never actually ate. i lived on jamba juice and the occasional bean burrito or mashed potatoes. i lost about 8 pounds. and that is totally typical of most preggos in their 1st trimester. so that means that i now have a window of about 25-30 pounds for a 'healthy' weight gain.

so then, it took me 3 months to get back to pre-pregnancy (initial pregnancy) weight ~ so think zero-ing out the scale and starting from scratch at 5 months pregnant ~ which even then is so mind-boggling how the body shifts the weight around. because this was around thanksgiving and i was starting to pop out. i couldn't believe that i was the same weight i was in july even with this big ol' basketball belly. the body is funny that way.

still, doctors were a little concerned and sent me to a nutritionist. i rejected the suggestions the first few times but finally gave in when they started insisting. i originally rejected because ~ well, i'm totally stubborn and knew EXACTLY what they were gonna say, what kind of meal suggestions, etc...etc.. but i gave in when david started getting worried too and gave me the whole 'it won't hurt to listen' speech, etc.

so we went the day before christmas eve. and it was the biggest waste of my time ever. it was an 8am appt. and i would have been better served to stay in bed and sleep. no new info. meal suggestions pre-printed out that were things i'm already eating. 'you just need to eat a bigger dinner' was about the most advice i walked away with. i was totally annoyed.

so here i am ~ 7 months pregnant and only 4 pounds heavier than i was in july.

now don't get me wrong. i am thrilled that i'm not a beached whale (at least not yet!). i feel great and am happy that i look fairly great too. and i am also VERY happy that the doctors say that everything is fine as long as i am eating and taking my pre-natals and supplements. check and check.
where i get totally annoyed and frustrated is how much of a head game this is for me. i am fucking PREGNANT. i'm supposed to be gaining weight. and i'm watching my belly round out in front of my eyes. where is it coming from? and is the baby *reeeally* ok? getting what it needs? am i a bad mom because i'm not putting on weight from the foods it might need to grow healthy and strong? (still can't even LOOK at vegetables). i feel like i might be failing already! and i get so anxious that i'm not taking care of myself properly even though i know i am. it's a mindf*&k!

i feel like it is the karma from my days of being unhealthily (is that a word?) thin. i abused my body into being a size ZERO at one point. no joke. never forget the day i came home and showed yani that i had actually purchased a mini-jean skirt and 2 pairs of shorts from the gap that were size 0. that didn't last too long but the size 2 kaza stayed around for awhile. i was addicted to exercise (ha! those days are long gone!) and i stopped menstruating for almost a year. my doctor told me if i ever want to have kids, i better put some weight on my bones. i was teeeeny. so i struggled with forcing myself up to a size 4. eventually, i got 'healthy' again and have yo-yo'd ever since between 6-10.

i am STILL wearing pre-pregnancy jeans. they just have to be buckled a little lower :) but i feel like this worry is what i get for not taking care of myself properly back then. but then i also have this fear that i'll wake up in the morning an instant 20 pounds heavier than i was the night before! and as much as i freak out about NOT gaining weight, as i watch the weight shift around on my body, i CRY because my butt is getting lower and wider! LOL! i can't win with myself! *sigh* poor david. he's a saint.

i know i'm freaking myself out. but it's what pregnancy does. it makes you question every single thing your body does/doesn't do. it affects every choice you make. and it makes you question every choice you make once you've made it! can you say 'neurotic'? ~ guess i'm ready for motherhood! i'm already crazy!
anyway, i just needed to vent. and now i think i'll go sit outside in the glorious sunlight and read more of my baby books just cuz i don't feel stressed out enough already.

you just watch ...with my luck i'm gonna gain 20 pounds in the next 2 months!
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how much can happen in a month?


well, christmas has come and gone. which means nutcracker and caroling have come and gone, as well. my performing 'career' is officially on indefinite hold now which is very VERY odd and unsettling for me. i can't tell you the last time i had NOTHING on the horizon (show -wise) but at the same time, there's plenty to look forward to!

since i wrote last, ...ugh, i am already tired just thinking of where to start...

we returned from the east coast and promptly started packing the apartment. can i just say that going from a tiny 2-bedroom duplex to this beautiful 2100+square foot home has proven me to be some sort of magician? how the HELL was i able to store so much CRAP in that tiny space that is now spread out everywhere in this house? it is seriously mind-boggling.

can i also say for the ga-jillionth time that i have the most wonderful friends and family? i'm talkin' salt of the earth, quality people that have proven time and time again that they would selflessly do anything for us.

moving day was saturday dec. 6 and it was a whirlwind. the apartment was nowhere near ready to go but since the move was only 3/4 of a mile ~ transporting stuff was pretty easy. we had so many hands on deck to help it was ridiculous. and it was also very fun. ( i must pause here to stare at my belly right now ~ this child NEVER sleeps... and i have some sort of gymnastic performance taking place at the moment. it is seriously the most wild thing i've ever experienced!). k, back to moving day...

i choreographed the moving dance while nati, donna and jeff stayed behind at the apartment to gather all the loose stuff and CLEAN. can you say 'friendship'? we ordered way too many pizzas and were done by 5pm.

the following week was a frustrating one of living out of boxes since i was in tech all week for 'nutcracker' and had a 6-shows in 4 days run.(remember the dancing hippos in 'fantasia'? ~ that was pretty much me) but david managed to chip away at our 3 pages of 'to-do' list. he is absolutely loving home-ownership and all of its projects.

after 'nutcracker' i busted my butt between caroling gigs to settle into the house and get it ready for christmas AND the housewarming. we got a 10-foot christmas tree...CUZ WE CAN! and i, of course, 'puked' christmas everywhere which is always my favorite thing to do. last year was too hard to really get into it because of mom and this year has been hard because of time, moving, and low preggo energy but somehow i managed and everything is truly beautiful. gramma barb's spirit is definitely in this place. it was all so meant to be and she knows that this house is her final gift to us so she has been watching over helping me 'nest'. i know it.

so school got out on the 19th ~ hello, month-long break! ~ and caroling wrapped up with a concert in the mission.

christmas eve we all sang at mass and donna and terbear stayed the night. santa most definitely came ~ probably cuz we left him dark chocolate covered peppermint joe-joe's ~ his new FAVORITE THING...and we had a lovely quiet christmas morning. jamie, david's co-manager at work came over for a nice big breakfast (again, cuz we CAN! ~ kitchen counter cooking/prep space! who knew it's such a luxury?) and we stayed home all day in our pjs. the family came over around 2:30 and we all exchanged gifts. it was so wonderful to finally be able to host everyone. i still can't wrap my brain around the fact that we live in this beautiful house! family left around 5-ish and then we had a turkey dinner with brian and kris and kea. it was a day full of good friends, family and food!

the baby has been going NUTS with all of the excitement. probably because mommy hasn't slowed down at aaaaalll... we are feeling kicks and twists and turns and rolls and more specifically, full-footed jabs that FREAK ME OUT. we've gone from the sweet little flutters to literally feeling a footprint or an entire body roll that makes me jump right out of my skin sometimes. it's the most fascinating, indescribable and empowering feeling in the world. to state the obvious...there's LIFE growing and thriving inside of me! i stop several times a day just to sit and watch my belly or lie still and feel the action. it's fanTAStic.

*sigh* let's see...almost caught up.

housewarming was saturday night and again, i love my girls(and jeff!) and my hubby. nursery? done. master bedroom? done. pictures hung? done. blinds(some of them) up? done. we're talkin' painted, borders, valance, bassinett assembled, plants, candles... our home is amazing. and the housewarming was a home filled with some of the most quality people i am so blessed to know. we even broke out the keyboard and mark and dad took turns with some seriously entertaining music! i think at one point we had over 60 people in here!

so now it's time to re-group, CLEAN!, rest and recover. i plan on leaving christmas up for a little longer. it's too beautiful not to enjoy it for as long as i can.

practically my whole fam is going to the melodrama tonight and then david and i are going to see WICKED on saturday! first time for him, 4th for me. i feel spoiled with seeing it 3 times on broadway (brag brag brag) but i have no doubt it will be amazing. and even more amazing? DISNEYLAND on sunday!!! i am one excited girl, lemmetellya.

we started childbirth classes last night which was really great. i think it took david to a whole new level of excitement and reality. he was so unbelievably sweet when we got home telling me how amazing i was and part of the reason he knew he wanted to marry me was that i'd be a wonderful mommy, etc... i treasure him so.

also toured french hospital yesterday as well as had a dr. appt. all my bloodwork looks good and while i technically am not putting on the weight i should be (was sent to a dietician and everything ~ the irony of my life...can't GAIN weight while pregnant? what? seriously. when has putting ON the weight EVER been the problem? oy.) everything is right on track so he said not to worry as a long as i am eating (which i am) and taking my vitamins (which i am).

so there ya have it. a wrap-up to the snowball end of the pearson's year. we were successful in fulfilling our 2008 motto ~ 'procreate in 2008'.

any suggestions for the 2009 motto?

have a safe and happy new year, y'all.
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it's the most wonderful time of the year!

if anyone wants to hear some christmas caroling ~
my quartet will be at the apple farm tonight from 6-8pm throughout the gift shops, restaurant and hotel lobby.
then tomorrow night at the gardens of avila from 7-830.
and we have a concert in the mission on dec. 23 ~ perfect holiday treat ~ beautiful venue, beautiful costumes, beautiful singing...

and speaking of beautiful ~ NUTCRACKER is here again! come check out this preggo belly trying to be graceful!

next weekend at the PAC in SLO

December 13th and 14th only!

Saturday @2pm and 7pm
Sunday @2pm and 6pm
for tickets go to www. pacslo. org
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are we having fun yet?

that would be YES!

during my first trimester, i didn't *get* why so many people i know have said that they luuuuved being pregnant.

now... I GET IT!

for the most part, i'm feeling great but more importantly, i'm feeling THE BABY! the kicks and punches (or 'pounds' as daddy david likes to call them) and hiccups are constantly making me giggle! and david finally got to feel it kick last weekend. he couldn't stop laughing either!

although, this child and i disagree on just how often i really need to go to the bathroom, ~ (it enjoys bouncing on my bladder trying to psych me into a trip to the john every 1/2 hour and i am stubbornly holding out since it is almost always a false alarm or highly unproductive) ~ we are very much enjoying each other's company.

the plane ride home from the east coast proved to be extremely entertaining as we were finally able to SEE the action taking place! we would stare at my belly and watch the action and just crack up!

as of this past wednesday, we became homeowners! from offer to end of escrow ~ 2 weeks. absolutely insane. but the house is amazing and this week we are packing and doing a big move over the weekend. we don't have to be out of the apartment til the 17th and since the house is literally only 3/4 of a mile from here, it should be an easy transition. (knock on non-termite-infested-wood)

it's a crazy time to be trying to do all of this. caroling, nutcracker and just holidays in general but to think that we get to spend christmas in our very first *home* is pretty special. I CAN'T WAIT TO DECORATE! :)

we are thankful for so much this holiday season already. isabella eva marie mayr arrived safely to cinders and jason last weekend. thanksgiving with david's family was wonderful. my in-laws threw me a surprise mini-baby shower! it was very sweet and this child is already getting spoiled rotten. we have a baby on the way, a new home to fill with friends and family and just a very full, very rich life in general. gramma barb is watching o'er.

off to continue packing ~
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so it goes like this...

saturday november 8, 2008 12pm

we look at 2 houses. first one, eh. second one ~ oh my god. this could really be the one. hmmm...close to the train tracks. let's come back tomorrow after we've looked at the train schedule when we know the train will be rolling by and take a listen.

sunday november 9, 2008 12:30pm

went back to take a listen as the train rolled by. no prob. fell more in love. told jenny (our dear friend and real estate agent) to make the call. we're interested.

monday november 10, 2008

find out that the offer has to be in by 10am wed. because there are already 2 offers on the table and the bank is ready to move. start scrambling to make phone calls, set up appointment with loan agent, collect and transfer every last penny which is tricky. have some money from mom but not all. not sure when the rest is coming or exactly how much it'll be. budget budget budget, talk talk talk.

tuesday november 11, 2008

2pm meet with loan agent. work out every possible scenario. get pre-approved for our loan(!). kaza starts to freak out. this is happening.

3:30pm meet with jenny. she has paperwork for the offer all set up. talk talk talk. make a good offer and even brave a short escrow. dec. 12. 'we can make that happen, right? ~ uh...right...?' sign sign sign. freak out freak out freak out. this is REALLY happening. oh. and by the way... if they accept, we have SEVEN days to do our inspections.

5:00pm leave jenny's office not knowing which way is up or what we just did but she is about to go fax our offer.

5:30pm adorable husband is feeling confident and calm and excited and decides to pull off the freeway at spyglass because he knows how much i need to breathe. so we go watch the most amazing sunset. the air is warm, the sky is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful. pinks and blues ~ it's a 'baby' sky. the full moon is rising over the hills between the palm trees. sea otters are playing in the water. it really couldn't have been more amazing. breathe breathe breathe and listen to my amazing man as he is hugging me and saying that 'it's all gonna work out. gramma barb is watching over us. look at how calm the sky and the water and the air is. it's meant to be.'

5:50pm walking through the door and my cell phone rings. it's jenny. our offer has been received and is 'up there with the 2 other offers on the house. what will make ours more favorable is to move our closing date up.' it's already set at dec. 12 and we decide to go for it by moving it to...NOVEMBER 28.'we can make that happen, right? ~ uh...right...?' here goes kaza again, freak out freak out freak out. if i thought i was on a run-away train before... we're in PENNSYLVANIA for thanksgiving...

11:30pm-6am ~ veeeeeery little sleep

wednesday november 12, 2008

9am david goes to bank to get $4000 cashier's check for 'good faith' deposit. hands it off to jenny. offer is handed in.

phone calls and emails all day (got very little work done) ~ loan agent ~ 'let's get our paper trail so we're ready to move on this if it's accepted' ~ david ~ 'make sure to print up bank statements' and on and on...

3:45 i go to get my hair done. sitting in the chair at the salon my phone rings at 4:15...it's jenny with a very cheerful 'good afternoon!' ~ i start crying!!! then she told me alot of other 'stuff' that i didn't hear at all but basically she had some papers for me to sign because the house was ours!

4:20pm call david and say something along the lines of 'so you ready to start packing?' as he chuckles... then jenny comes down to the salon and i'm signing as my hair is getting cut (is this really happening?)~ freak out freak out freak out.

5:30pm go to giuseppe's to hug my husband. jenny is just leaving after getting his signatures. she tells us that the inspections will all be set up starting friday ~ pest inspection, monday ~ home inspection, tuesday ~ appraisal.

i laugh and say, '48 hours ago i knew NOTHING about which you are speaking. and now i'm quickly becoming an expert.'

6:20pm call from cinders reminding me to breathe. THANK YOU CINDERS.

6:45pm go to nutcracker rehearsal and try not to think about it

9:00pm driving home and see an incredible shooting star streak across the sky directly in front of me. smile, get teary and say 'thanks, mom'

9:15pm walk in my door and literally stand in my living room looking around, shaking my head...what do i do now? can't start packing yet. gotta wait for inspections to clear. so hurry up and wait and then start the marathon packing and cleaning? when do i talk to our landlord? where do i start in this over-stuffed apartment? who should i call? and oh yeah...i forgot to eat dinner.

9:40pm start to vent in my blog because i can't wrap my brain around this.

and now... still trying to remember to breathe. probably should go eat. and that's about as far as i can think.

never realized how eventful a few short days could be
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